You get $25 and your friends save $25!

Give your friends a discount and get rewarded when they become new clients with us.

There’s no limit. You keep referring…we’ll keep paying! Tell your friends about your great tax prep experience and earn money with our Refer-A-Friend program. Got five friends? You could get $125!

With our Refer-A-Friend program everyone wins – your friends save $25 on tax prep when they file with us, and you get $25 for each new client referred. It’s that easy.

How Does it Work?

  1. Our Refer-A-Friend program rewards clients who refer new clients to us. Clients will be rewarded with $25 for each qualified referral. There’s no limit to the number of customers you can refer.
  2. A qualified referral is a new tax prep client who has not previously filed their with us.
  3. All clients who have filed their taxes with us are eligible to make referrals under the Refer-A-Friend program.
  4. After you complete and submit your income taxes with us, you will receive your referral codes via email. Next, start sharing! When a friend redeems the Refer-A-Friend code, We will send you a check for $25 after your friend has filled their taxes.
  5. You can find referral codes as part of your documents in the Client Portal when you link your account to your return. You can also contact the office to have your referral code sent to you.
  6. You will receive an email when your reward is on the way. Your reward will be sent via check to the address used when you filed your tax return.