Premarital Education

I am a Certified Facilitator of the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship inventory program. More than 4,000,000 couples have prepared for marriage or enriched their relationship through taking the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and working with a Certified Facilitator. PREPARE/ENRICH is called a “program” because it contains both a couples assessment and a semi-structured feedback process. As part of the feedback process, the program teaches the couple relevant relationship skills like communication and conflict resolution. These session(s) can be conducted either in person, by phone or WebCam.

The goal of the program is to help premarital couples prepare for marriage (PREPARE) and married couples enrich their marriage (ENRICH) by increasing their awareness of relationship strengths and growth areas and providing them with skills to improve their relationship.

The Customized version is totally online and is designed for dating, engaged, and married couples. It is called “Customized” since it tailor-makes the assessment for each couple based on background information they provide.

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