Aerial Data Collection

Aerial Data CollectionWe utilize small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS/drones) to collect aerial data and process it to generate georeferenced aerials and point clouds for any assignment.

It also allows us to obtain a current view of what’s on the ground and reach locations that are otherwise inaccessible.

Our UAV photography enables us to capture photos and data that may be used in the appraisal process.

In the real world, documentation allows us to go through every square mile of a property – it eliminates guesswork, minimizes gaps in alignment, and saves our clients time, money, and resources.

Images & Insight

  • 360 Degree Imagery
  • sUAS Data Collection
  • Photogrammetry
  • Measurement & Processing
  • Visualization
  • High-Spatial Resolution
  • Inventory Support
  • Geospatial Documentation